Taiwan, East Asia

We met Josh and Marie, Bex and Nick, and Neil and Wendy in Hong Kong for some Far Eastern Reunion.  We were there for a long weekend, but in fact it just felt like one long night spent on an intra-venus drip of alcohol.
We arrived 1am on Friday, 18th November, my birthday, we started as we meant to go on, happy to comply with the sleeping hours of those jet-lagged.  Bex and I just couldn't keep our hands off each other, in a purely platonic way!

After a very beautiful and sophisticated dinner at 'The Lookout' restaurant, we strolled through Hong Kong back to our hotel. 
Following our siesta we headed to Umla, a bar Wayne and I had been to 10 months earlier.  Everything was going really well, until we hit the shots and whilst the boys were away Bex and I bagged ourselves a coupls of Rahs (right), nice boys, but they moved on after giving me the bumps, so we headed back to the hotel....


On our way Nick and I commited to my annual moonie (roll over the left picture for more details) and we found some Christmas decorations we were prepared to recycle a couple of months too early.

Next day we tried to do something cultural, unfortunately I made myself tour group leader, probably owing to wearing too much blusher, and managed to take us to the wrong island, where we met a lot of dogs, one of which resembled Dolly Parton.

Our last night was a 'boys night' or 'girls night', gender depending.  If you know Hong Kong, it's pretty small and there was no way we weren't going to bump into each other.  Well we did pretty well, the boys went to a James Bond bar, where the bar staff might have been as old as Sean Connery (bottom left: spot the nipples, if you dare).
We headed home in daylight, the end to an excellent weekend, just one more thing to be done, terrorise early morning hotel patrons in the restaurant.