Taiwan, East Asia


Bex and Nick gave us a couple of days to recoperate after Hong Kong and then the fun continued.  We tried to entertain them with quintessential Taiwanese fun.

First was shrimp fishing, this could keep you amused for hours, if you're bad, if you're good you might only be amused for an hour.  The first time we went we were lacking in a few skills, so we went back a second time. Needless to say Bex turned out to be the best at this 'sport'.

Second was chewing beetle nut, this went hand in hand with the shrimp fishing, and Nick took to the spitting like a shrimp to water.


We took them for a special 'Taipei Tour', using the MRT, wondering around big Chinesey landmarks (Chiang Kia Shek Memorial Hall).
Contrasting old with modern we headed up the worlds tallest buidling. Nick is a 'tall building nut' and Wayne was very excited too, which just goes to show the phallic design goes a long way.
Even if Bex and Nick weren't bored of Taiwanese food, we were, so we opted for Mexican.  Nick had a foot long burrito, and Bex whose always worried about looking old prooved that ice cream does keep you young.
We're still on the same day, next we headed to China Pa, classy Chinese bar with singing loo seats!  Friends joined us to celebrate my birthday and as usual the shots came out and everything headed down hill.
Bekit, Bex and I had a reunion, we all met at UWE, Bristol, almost to the day 10 years earlier.  Bekit would never have expected to have the same haircut as me, but Bex and I would have been able to tell you that we'd still be taking self-portraits.
Bex and I needed to get some shopping in, so we sent the boys off to occupy themselves; their 'date' to Lover's Bridge went well and was followed by Nick's 'daredevil' driving course, all topped off with a litre of lager.
One last Taiwanese past time Bex and Nick needed for the complete Taiwan Experience was KTV - or Karoke.  We hired our 'private' room and "Nick: I'll never sing", was soon belting them out with the rest of us. Just to make sure everyone was drunk enough and really feeling the Taiwan Dream, I made some sake cocktails when we got home, Nick loved them at 4am and resented them at 11am.