Taiwan, East Asia

It was hugs all around for Wayne when he was at home.

You could spot him at the salt-beef bagel shop, out in bars, breaking into old peoples houses and finally winding up in Croydon to eat his father out of house and home!

This was just what we needed to re-Europeanise ourselves after being away for 3 years.  Clear skies, lots of strong cheese, plenty of cheap wine and more bread than you can shake a stick at!
I have a theory that you would verge on being an alcoholic living in France, most people out there would deny this, but at one euro a litre, why not?
11km of sand was about enough to accomodate Wayne's, Eva's and my rapidly expanding girth.  Even Holly thought the beach was worth a visit, although she hasn't got her ASA 5m swimming badge yet.