Taiwan, East Asia

Our beach
Trust me, if your ever in need of some real guidance and information on holiday, just head to the nearest shack.         Sunset on Tioman, visual therapy. We were going to go for the tee total approach when we arrived and saw the 'lashings' sign, but then we saw this remarkable establishment.
Never thought that i'd say this but what drew me to this resort was the grass. To go somewhere on holiday and be able to kick of your shoes and feel the grass tickle between your toes...Ahhhh!! There ain't no grass like home! Salaang Pusaka and it's beautiful displays of flora just added to the pleasure of being there, it's a shame that they just cut them down the next day. The main resting area within the resort, after a hard day of eating or lying on the beach this was the way to wind down.
This was our cheeky Monitor Lizard that wandered by at 5.30pm everyday. He was more interested in the worms than us but I was impressed by his punctuality. The gang of lizards that you see here are big, there are a few mangled cats on Tioman and that have had a close encounter with this mob. You can tell that this man is proud!!! you can see it in his eyes, 'look at this big boy'. Well he impressed us so we indulged in some barracuda steak that night.
The host with the most, everything was easy and there were certainly no problems. The Salang Pusaka crew. These boys knew how to look after you. Everything nice with that essential Tioman Spice. AJ has to be on of the most versatile people on the island. His skills range from smooth & slick barmen, giant snake catcher to the coolest diving instructor i've seen (the man goes down in his  shades). He's the Man.
Come on Mel!!
A few parallels can be drawn here. To reach paradise, firstly one must suffer and submit themselves to the grueling challenges set before them. 'The path is never easy'.