Taiwan, East Asia

New Years Eve, Luxy, Taipei: Luxy by name, Luxy by nature. Taiwanese got the big room all to themselves for their RnB and the foreigners were held up in a small sweaty room with LTJ Bukem.
Just the pure excitement made us do a two line congo.
Wayne and I always manage to sneak in a cheeky New Years kiss in front of the camera. Andrew was having great difficulty with the D'n'B, thinking it stood for Dribble and Bite.
Chinese New Year: Well this was altogether a lot more Chinese! We marched down Tamshui high street, banging our drums, with our ghetto blaster blaring out beautiful Chinese New Year tunes.
The aim was to bring light and life to the people of Tamshui, but a lot seemed to run a mile fearing that we were demanding money!
Needless to say the kids had a great time and it was just too much in the end for Gina (right).