Taiwan, East Asia

We were very excited to arrive in Hanoi, leaving Taipei and work behind us, unfortunately with capital cities and especially capital cities in South East Asia, you never leave the noise behind. Fortunately we can now say we are veterans of crossing unruly roads, blocking out the beeping and dodging the rubbish that's collected in the gutter, so we sat back and had a laugh at the other tourists who weren't.
Perfectly typical pictures of Hanoi, including the one of Wayne beer tasting, when it's 6p a glass that makes me a cheap date.


- Colonial architecture.

- Being driven blindly into extremely busy cross-roads.

- Ho Chi Minh monument.

- Wayne growing a flag out of his head.

- The presidential palace.


Another thing that we get seriously excited about when we head off somewhere new is trying the local beer. As well as being able to buy large bottles of Asia's finest: Tiger Beer.

In true 'Brit-Abroad' fashion Wayne always buys the local larger t-shirt.